Relish the Spectacular View from Our Hot Air Balloons

Book your flight today for an adventure that will last a lifetime in your memories! The utter sensation of freedom as you float along coupled with the views that go on and on will never be forgotten.

In the Antelope High Desert and Santa Paula areas, we can fly just about all year round*. We take to the skies in the mornings just after sunrise. Your balloon ride will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour, with the entire adventure lasting about 3 hours. The balloon may fly as low as shrub level and to as high as a couple of thousand feet above the ground. Balloons travel with the wind, so usually, the landing area is different than the launch site.

When booking with Details Above All, you are booking a private flight. Each adventure is personally fitted to you the passenger! Your adventure ends with the presentation of a personalized ride certificate and a lapel pin.

At that time, we toast our successful flight with champagne or sparkling cider while you are being treated to an array of light refreshments as well.

So whether just flying for fun, checking off a bucket list item, or celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other life events, we strive to work with you to make it a very personalized experience - down to every little detail. 

*weather permitting

Ride Rates as of May 2021:

Single Passenger  $350

Double $650

Beautiful gift certificates are available!

A: Yes, there is weight limit and varies due to location and temperature; which is approximately 400 pound max total combined passenger weight.

A: We recommend sturdy closed-toed walking shoes and comfortable cotton clothing; avoid synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon. Layers are a good idea, as it is often cool before the sun comes up but can warm up quickly once it has risen. Temperatures in the air are going to be similar to those forecasted on the ground.

A: Usually a balloon flight lasts about an hour, but due to landing spots and weather conditions it may be shorter or longer. At an average wind speed of about 5 mph, a balloon will fly anywhere from 1 - 8 miles. Ground crews follow the balloon, talking on the radio with the pilot. The balloon will land in an open area and the ground crew is there to help with the recovery and take everyone back to the launch site.

A: Passengers should plan on being away from nearby facilities anywhere from one to two hours.

A: We strongly encourage everyone to bring cameras to this very special event. We recommend you have a neck strap for your camera - to help prevent it from falling out of the basket, as well as having both hands free for landing. As to not miss a single shot, load fresh batteries ahead of time.

A: Did you know that hot-air balloon pilots must be licensed by the FAA? In order to carry paying passengers or fly at the request of businesses, special events, or even for the film industry - pilots must carry Commercial Ratings under the FAA's "Lighter Than Air" licensing rules. Commercial hot-air balloon pilots are tested both with written exams and in-flight to maintain their licenses.

Many more aspects contribute to the safety of all including the pilot's experience as well as the crews; radio communication between them and flight instruments are just a few.